Monday, May 21, 2012

Steam and Signs

Samuel Matthew D. to the Alpinist
16 April 1909

As I labor to make improve the Crucis Glass while the Magus undertakes his studies of Steam, I have noticed something to bring to your attention. 

While we know that the heating of water to turn the gears produces Steam, we have not considered the particles, the small matter of the Steam itself.  I managed to catch a glimpse of Steam while experimenting with the Crucis Glass. 

In the Steam I saw countless signs, symbols, letters, and words.  I do not know what to make of this.  In your journeys to strange lands and to far places of learning outside of the Empire or even within it to forgotten and discredited schools, such as those of the Americas, perhaps you have seen a bizarre combination of script, water, and air.

I do not mean that Steam is what Magus hopes.  His famous address on Steam from James Watt Pentecost festival tried to connect Steam to Geist (or Mind).  This means that Steam is more than that.  I cannot show this to him until we learn what this is. The Ecclesiast has hinted at Water but I do not understand his arcane speech as I do not understand the Scriptures to which he refers.

S. M. D.

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