Monday, May 27, 2013

Out of the Depths

I have begun to plan my journey north into the ice.  This requires a submersible and a ship to travel above and below. 

No journey can evade the depths.

I have begun examining the plans of the French submersible team that never returned.  Whether they succumbed to a cephalopod attack or were crushed by cold and pressure, no one knows.  This design must be improved.

Alongside of the plans I discovered this latin phrase:

De profundis clamavi ad te, Domine;
Domine, exaudi vocem meam. Fiant aures tuæ intendentes
in vocem deprecationis meæ.

But how could one call from the depths?  Who would hear in that realm of silence, where no steam and so no Spirit can flow?  It is all water, yes, but how can it but drown all communication?

My journey must explore this phrase.

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