Monday, April 30, 2012

Jesus' body collects all signs to himself

Dear Magus,

You have written about the strange signal you picked up recently on your oscillagraph. Some day you will need to explain to me how this unit works--I am most curious as to other worlds or times such clear and lucid signals could be streaming. You heard:

"Jesus' body collects all signs to himself."

Here, we call this sacra-menting, various signs gathered into the shattered and crucified body of Christ.

Our "method," if you wish to call it such, is to randomize our library and distribute it in the "cloud" of witnesses. No one Christian community here has the whole bible. Each community has, as you say, just a shard. I know one church near Charing Cross that has virtually all of Isaiah on a scroll (though there are some worn and burnt patches). Other communities live their common life with only half of Philemon, or a patched together version of Micah.

Each pilgrim within each community has a shard of a shard, memorized not written down... although there is only one fractured text, within any given community there is a chaotic pointilism that seems, at times, to have some, if not complete, order.

The great joy experienced in all of this is that each community puzzles the resurrected Christ together, albeit as pastiche and conjecture, each week as they commune together. And it is our frequent practice to send pilgrims around from community to community in order to recite what they have memorized, but as part of our playfulness, we never recite them so frequently that others feel compelled to memorize what is already "ours".

We have heard reports of so-called Dead Sea scrolls, discovered recently in ancient clay jars, partial ancient manuscripts that signify something larger.

We consider ourselves to be Dead Sea people. This is our freedom. This is our joy.

Ever yours,

The Ecclesiast

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