Monday, April 30, 2012

Prohibitions from the Future about the Scriptures

Last night the oscillograph recorded strange images which seem to come from the future or from some other world.  They clearly are wards or prohibitions that show dangers I do not yet know.

For we read the Scriptures without any sense of their having a stable meaning or that they are threaded together in any other way than through the power of the resurrected Christ.  So this idea that there is one "narrative" of the Bible is new to me.  Woe be the land that suffers under the idea that one story stretches from Genesis to Apocalypse!  

Similarly, I have no idea what "structure" might inhabit our Holy Writ.  For its center is outside it in the proclaimed Word.  I am pleased no such framework or demand has descended to our world to constrict the veracity and the freeing spirit of the Scripture.  Apart from this living Christ and his Spirit, the Book dissolves into a thousand books and into a thousand more shards.  Even in his crucified body, these texts are still different and many.  For as the old Magus of the North wrote, Jesus' body collects all signs to himself.

And finally, the idea that there is something transcendent that escapes our world -- our Word made flesh entered into his human life without remainder.  As the Ecclesiast wrote to us, no logoi but in relation.  We look no where to understand our Scripture than at the bread and wine we share, the flesh and bone of our friends and neighbors, and the soil that stands under our feet.

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