Friday, June 8, 2012


To: The Alpinist
From: The Ecclesiast
Where: At a dual port and air-port on the Black Sea

From your recent correspondence I know you have been particularly taken with your airships. While attending an assembly here at (what I confess must remain an undisclosed) port and air-port on a small island in the Black Sea, I have learned that at least some ship-builders are exploring how an air-ship might also work as a submersible. They call these marine-subs.

I myself cannot leave the port, duty calls, but I wonder if you might, in your travels, have time to ride on one of these vessels. As always, I believe we need to be wary of the imperialism we effectuate, either by air or by sea. I wonder what sub-marine creatures might be imprisoned by our presence.

I also confess curiosity. Given that water is so integral to our philosophical-theological system, water densely compressed at the bottom of the ocean must offer clues concerning the Geist our dear Magus concerns himself with. Yes?

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