Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A (virtual) Unifying Theory of the Bible

Dear Magus,

As I have reported in some previous correspondence, we do not anywhere that I am aware possess a Scripture whole and entire. Yet recently, while perusing the correspondence of a literary luminary of the last century, I came across this hand-written note on the back of an envelope:

"After dinner he spent some time with the holoscope, studying Elias's most precious possession: the Bible expressed as layers at different depths within the hologram, each layer according to age. The total structure of Scripture formed, then, a three dimensional cosmos that could be viewed from any angle and its contents read. According to the tilt of the axis of observation, differing messages could be extracted. Thus Scripture yielded up an infinitude of knowledge that ceaselessly changed. It became a wondrous work of art, beautiful to the eye, and incredible in its pulsations of color. Throughout it red and gold pulsed, with strands of blue."

Is the holoscope he mentions at all comparable to your crucis glass? Or is this some other alien technology?


The Ecclesiast

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